Lifestyle Psychotherapy



Dr. Walter J. Urban is a Research Psychoanalyst, Medical Board of California, Registration No.7. Private practice, author of Do You Have the Courage to Change and Integrative Therapy: Foundation For Holistic and Self Healing. Formerly on the Board of Directors of four professional organizations. Dr. Urban has been a Business Consultant for over 25 years. He combines his psychological knowledge with business and investing experience and offers a unique approach to achieving personal growth and financial success.



From understanding comes patience...

from patience comes self discipline...

from self discipline comes growth...

from growth comes freedom...

from freedom comes joy.



Available for consultations:

Money Therapy

Lifestyle change

Individual, Couple & Family Therapy

Nutrition & Natural Weight Loss, Detoxification

Business Consultations.

Dr. Walter J. Urban

book I AM LIGHT, I AM ENERGY, I AM PEACEFUL, I AM LOVE, I AM GRATEFUL repeat this as often as possible, say it or think it and you will condition your cells to become all that your life needs.

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Build Your Future From Survival To Financial Freedom

In this exciting 2 day workshop you will get insight into your hidden obstacles to reaching your financial goals.

Learn how to overcome your challenges by changing your thinking, making good decisions, setting specific goals, creating realistic commitments and taking positive actions.

This interactive workshop will give you the tools to move you forward quickly. You can BECOME A MILLIONAIRE!

Lifestyle Psychotherapy

imgLifestyle psycotherapy deals with everything you think, say, do and feel 24 hours a day, seven days a week The body, mind, emotions and spirit heal themselves with the right attitude. thought, actions and nutrients.

The goal is to guide and help you help yourself to achieve your.optimum state of being through self improvement in all areas of your life. There is an evaluation of body, mind, emotions and spirit wherever possible in an atmosphere of full acceptance and understanding. Transitional steps are often necessary to reach goals and possible new future learning such as raw food nutrition, special exercises (polarity, chakras, matras, etc.) neurolinguistic programming ( NLP ), eliminating stress reactions, cellular conditioning, peaceful medition, etc.

Opening your mind is part of the process as well as examining your life history of ideas and beliefs. The atmosphere is always supportive, warm and friendly. You will learn to free yourself of unwanted habits, addictions, emotional eating and excess weight and gain more energy and an appreciation of yourself and life by making responsible choices.

With your new consciouness, awareness, disciplined practice and the COURAGE TO CHANGE you will be able to create the life you want. Start now!


Become aware of your diaphragm muscle.
Become aware of your lungs.
Inhale twice and extend diaphragm (belly enlarges).
As you inhale twice the lungs fills, the bottom half first and the upper half next.

As you inhale as described in 2 breaths, say "i" with the first inhalation and "am" with the second inhalation. Next exhale twice and contract diaphragm in 2 stages (belly gets pulled in twice), during the same exhalation lungs empty in 2 stages (top half first and then bottom half), as you exhale say "peaceful" (peace with first exhalation and ful with second one)

Using this method inhale and say "i am" and exhale and say "peaceful". Say it or think it, the more you do it, the more your cells become conditioned to being peaceful; use the 3 SECOND MEDITATION anywhere and anytime to get control of your mind and emotions especially in stressful situations.

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