Dr. Walter J. Urban is a Research Psychoanalyst, Medical Board of California, Registration No.7. Private practice, author of Do You Have the Courage to Change and Integrative Therapy: Foundation For Holistic and Self Healing. Formerly on the Board of Directors of four professional organizations. Dr. Urban has been a Business Consultant for over 30 years. He combines his psychological knowledge with business and investing experience and offers a unique approach to achieving personal growth and financial success.


Dr. Walter J. Urban is the originator of INTEGRATIVE THERAPY, in 1978 and of LIFESTYLE PSYCHOTHERAPY in 1999.

I believe we are more than what we achieve. Society tends to evaluate us by titles, positions and materialism. I have learned that i am composed of light, energy, peace, love, gratitude and spirit. I hope we are all similar.

I have a profile listed on the site showing degrees, titles and positions. Many people have these, however, take a good look at who they are as humans.

I have come from a very poor first generation (in part) immigrant background and grew up in the East Bronx, N.Y. At the age of four i was on the streets due to my parents being out seeking work in the early 1930s. At eight I started my first business and have been in business ever since. I became a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst due to being motivated by my emotional problems at an early age.

My profile lists some of the things i have done. Presently,I focus on growing organic food in Cost Rica where I live. My perspective on life is always positive because I believe every situation has a solution. My energy is focused on solutions and my clients are able to make the changes to find solutions in their lives.

Personal health is of great importance and usually takes priority over everything. My formal training, some business and real estate experience is listed herein.


Research Psychoanalyst registered with the Medical Board of California, Certificate RP7

  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
  • Certified Psychoanalyst, National Psychological Association For Psychoanalysis
  • Certified Mental Health Consultant, Post Graduate Center For Mental Health
  • Family Therapist, N. Ackerman's Family Institute
  • Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
  • Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner
  • Trained in Hypnosis, Polarity Therapy, Divine Healing, Homeopathy and Homotoxicology, Psychodrama, Bioenergetics, Primal Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Esalen Massage, etc.



  • ENERGY OF LIFE INSTITUTE, School and Spa, Founder, Visionary and Clinical Director in Costa Rica.
  • SIN TI, SALSA IN CALI, principal actor and coproducer, made in Cali Columbia, played in Long Beach International Film Festival.
  • Business Management Consultant for
  • Private Practice
  • Owner/Director, The Natural Way Retreat and Seminar Center
  • Consultant for Multiplan Managed Care serving two hundred HMOs
  • Owner/Director, El Reposa Health Spa
  • Consultant, National Institute of Mental Health Grant
  • Producer/Host, TV Series "Psychoanalysis"
  • Consultant to producers, TV series "The Hitchhikers"
  • Clinical Director, Transactional Analysis Training Institute
  • Director, Theodor Reik Consultation Center of N.Y. of the National Psychological Association For Psychoanalysis, 1976
  • Real estate investor in US, mexico, canada, costa rica, colombia and fiji islands
  • As heard on fiji radio, NY radio, and Costa Rica TV media outlets
  • Business consultant over 30 years

  • Business owner of the following businesses: herb and tea shop, saw mill, rolls royce garage. fast food restaurant, small printing business, coin and diamond collector
    health spa, beachfront hotel, and head hunting agency
  • 45 years in stock market and bond and commodity investing
  • 2 art gallery exhibitions
  • built 189 acre community in upstate NY
  • Traveled in 23 countries
  • Coach to martial artist, boxer, triathelon athelete and consultant/coach to P.Z. Predators Football Team
  • Designer of low cost homes in Costa Rica
  • Manager of an organic farm for 4 years. Self sufficient food.



  • Current Book, Do You Have The Courage To Change? The 12 Basic Reasons Why People Don't Change And How You Can
  • Integrative Therapy: Foundations of Holistic and Self Healing, published in 1978
  • Lifestyle Psychotherapy™, featured column in Annals of American Psychotherapy Association
  • Holistic Therapy, Awareness Magazine
  • Lifestyle Psychotherapy™, featured article in the California Psychologist
  • The Prevention Lifestyle, Gerson Healing Newsletter
  • RAW FOOD WORKS wrote last chapter, AFTERWORD: Getting On Tract And Staying on Tract
  • LIGHT, LOVE, LIFE poetry music CD



  • National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis and the American Boards For Accreditation and Certification
  • American Psychological Association
  • California Psychological Association
  • American Psychotherapy Association, Fellow
  • American Association of Drugless Practitioners
  • American Alternative Medical Association
  • American College of Forensic Examiners, Diplomate
  • National Psychological Association For Psychoanalysis
  • New York Society of Freudian Psychologists
  • American Society For Psychotherapy and Psychodrama

Dr. Urban has served on The Board of Directors of The National Psychological Association For Psychoanalysis, The New York Society of Freudian Psychologists, The Gerson Institute and The Executive Advisory Board of The American Psychotherapy Association.


Do You Have The Courage To Change?
The 12 Basic Reasons Why People Don't Change
And How You Can

There are no other books like this one. Other books tell you what you should do to live a healthier lifestyle, but lack the self confronting issues that are clearly and simply presented in this book. With this in mind the benefits of "Do You Have The Courage To Change?" cannot be found anywhere else!





"In his new book Do You Have the Courage to Change?, Dr Walter J Urban examines how ingrained habits and unthinking adherance to daily rituals prevent people from taking responsibility for the way they live. This deceptively simple book offers straightforward advice and practical exercises that can help each of us break down the barriers to change and lead a more healthy, self-aware and fulfilling life."

Matt Sizing
Life Extension Magazine