The Need to Change

We all need to change from a destructive lifestyle to a healthier and more contructive one.  Many people have habits and addictions that have been learned from our family, teachers, culture, geographic location and especially from mass media and certain corporations.  Some examples are the food the food we eat, the drugs we take, the ideas and beliefs we have and our emotional reactions.  Recognizing and accepting who we really are allows us to begin the process of changing without blaming ourselves or others. This UNIQUE PROGRAM OF LIFESTYLE ANALYSIS is primarily based on your personal needs and desires rather than a predetermined cookbook style program that you have to fit into.

You will learn about INCREASING YOUR ENERGY with raw foods, chakra cleaning and energizing, aura cleaning, running energy, cellular conditioning using self messages, and releasing negative cell memories, smiling meditation, superfoods, curcuma, coconut oil, simple salad dressings, juicing, breaking bad habits, polarity exercises, NLP, increasing consciousness, accepting yourself and the world, increasing self discipline, reconnecting with nature, feeling more love and much more.

You will become more aware of making better and responsible choices and how not to wait for a crisis before making changes.  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” You will be taught a simple method of cleaning you gall bladder, liver and colon.  You will overcome your fears and uncover any hidden fears and insecurities.

Repeating destructive patterns makes them stronger.  Now is the time to stop them and enhance your life by making the necessary changes.
Learn how to use consciousness and decisions to make changes.  The sooner you make changes the easier it is because repetitions of old life patterns, habits, addictions, thoughts and emotional reactions become reinforced and stronger everyday.  Thus when you become conscious of repeating old decisions and reactions you may be motivated to change to improve your life.

The key to changing is in a new and increased consciousness.  There are many paths to increased consciousness and may be found on your own or with guidance.  A change may be as simple as a decision to exercise or to make a change in diet.  It may be more difficult to change an emotional reaction such as not getting angry or certain beliefs. Some men can’t control themselves from looking at certain parts of a woman.

Automatic or unconscious reactions are most difficult to change.  These  reactions need to be brought into consciousness to change them.  This often requires assistance.  When consciousness is increased it can be used to “catch” yourself at the very moment the event is happening.  At that very moment your consciousness enters and prevents repetition and then you make a decision to change.  This technique must be repeated over and over again to counteract the years of repetition of the old reaction.  This requires a willful effort to initiate and maintain a change.  It can be done and your life can improve.  It’s up to you.
In this program we try to find the CAUSE of disease and reactions rather trying to get rid of the symptom.


The Healing Crisis

What is it?
Also known as the "Herxheimer Reaction", this reaction occurs when the body tries to eliminate toxins at a faster rate than they can be properly disposed of. The more toxic one's bodily systems are, the more severe the detoxification, or healing crisis. It is characterized by a temporary increase in symptoms during the cleansing or detox process which may be mild or severe. You may feel worse and therefore conclude that the treatment is not working. But these reactions are instead signs that the treatment is working and that your body is going through the process of cleaning itself of impurities, toxins and imbalances.

Such reactions are temporary and can occur immediately -- or within several days, or even several weeks, of a detox. Symptoms usually pass within 1-3 days, but on rare occasions can last several weeks. If you are suffering from a major illness, the symptoms you experience during the healing crisis may be identical to the disease itself. Sometimes discomfort during the healing crisis is of greater intensity than when you were developing the chronic disease. This may explain why there may be a brief flare-up in one's condition. Often the crisis will come after you feel your very best. Most people feel somewhat ill during the first few days of a cleanse because it is at that point that your body dumps toxins into the blood stream for elimination. With a more serious condition there may be many small crises to go through before the final one is possible. In any case, a cleansing & purifying process is underway, and stored wastes are in a free-flowing state. 

The healing crisis is the result of every body-system, in concert, working to eliminate waste products through all elimination channels and set the stage for regeneration. The end result: old tissues are replaced with new. When any treatment or cleansing program causes a large scale die-off of bacteria, a significant amount of endotoxins (toxins within the bacteria itself) are released into the body. The more bacteria present, and the stronger their endotoxins, the stronger the cleansing reaction. When any treatment or detox causes the organs of the body (particularly the liver, which is a storehouse of drug and poison residues) to release their stored poisons and toxins, a cleansing reaction may occur. Any program, such as fasting, which causes a rapid breakdown of fat cells (which are a storehouse for toxins), can cause a healing crisis as toxins previously lodged in the fat cells are released into the blood stream. 

The healing crisis will usually bring about past conditions in whatever order the body is capable of handling at that time. People often forget the diseases or injuries they have had in the past, but are usually reminded during the crisis. There are a wide variety of reactions that may manifest during a healing crisis, the most common are: 
Increased joint or muscle pain
Extreme fatigue and/or its opposite, restlessness
Headache (believed to be caused by buildup of toxins in the blood)
Aches, Pains
Arthritic flair up
Sinus congestion
Fever (usually low grade) and/or chills
Frequent urination and/or urinary tract discharges
Drop in blood pressure
Skin eruptions, including: boils, hives, and rashes.
Cold or flu-like symptoms
Strong emotions: anger, despair, sadness, fear, etc.
Suppressed memories arise
Mood swings
New phobias develop

Easing Your Way Through the Healing Crisis: 
Drink plenty of fresh water, juices, and herbal teas to flush the body of toxins. Some professionals recommend distilled water as the best. Drink from 2 to 4 quarts(liters) per day. This will help flush the toxins out of your system and speed along the detoxification.

  • If you are feeling fatigued, or sleepy, your body is talking to you, and telling you to rest. Be kind to yourself, and get the rest that you need.
  • Symptoms frequently disappear immediately after a good bowel movement, use an enema to provide relief. 
  • For other symptoms, meditation, EFT, acupuncture or a good massage might be helpful to speed up the healing process, and reduce the discomfort.
  • And, on rare occasions, a reduction of the dosage or temporary cessation may be required.

Important: Always ensure your health by having a thorough medical check up: don't assume that if you have any of the above symptoms that you are in a healing crisis: you may not be in a healing process, you may have a medical health problem.

Most people are busy seeking survival and others seek more. Very little time is devoted to seeking inner peace. Learning that peace is inside is important to me. I am peaceful. Peace is a way of life. I choose peaceful thoughts, emotions and actions. I stay calm. When i am able to be in charge of my reactions i am able to be peaceful. I do my best to prevent negative and stress reactions. I am responsible for my reactions and decondition myself from old reactions and habits. A simple meditation or mantra is OM SHANTI which means cosmic manifestation, reality. Desires, emotions and unconscious feelings can block inner peace. I teach how to obtain INNER PEACE.


The human body works on electrical energy.  The iMRS  swiss made machine is based on years of scientific research.  It produces PEMF (pulsating electromagnet field therapy) which is different than static magnets.  It is a natural alternative to taking pills for pain, wounds, injuries, depression, etc.. It naturally helps the electro-chemical charges within the cell and through the cells.  Treatments are for 8 minutes twice a day and are available as part of the programs offered.
DR. Oz (TV) supports its usage.





What particular stress are you feeling?  Stress can cause destructive cell memories which
then block the immune system.  Stress can come from the conscious and the unconscious
in the form of beliefs, thoughts emotions and situations.  For example you may hate your job.
This is a conscious stress which blocks your immune system from healing.  An unconscious
stress may be an old memory when you were frightened as a child.  When you have various
stresses a negative load of withheld emotions accumulate and then may set off a large reaction.

For example anger that is held in may be set off by a small trigger and lead to an explosive reaction.

It is believed that anger affects the liver and sadness affect the chest.  This is believed to be so due to the creation of electrical imbalances in the body.  Thus it is important to release negative memories stored in the cells.








Open Mind

Do you have an open mind or do you defend your thoughts, ideas and beliefs and live in a self created jail?

Very early in life we are exposed to information, emotions and sounds from our environment. We are all exposed to different stimuli.  Even twins have different environments.  Studies have shown that the fetus is affected by different types of emotions, music, etc..

Young babies "absorb" emotions.  For example a mother who is anxious, angry and fearful is very different than a loving and peaceful one.  Parental arguments affect children.  As we grow up we learn things that we accept as true.  Much of this information depends on our parents, relatives, teachers, religion, culture and geographic location.  As children we accept these things as true.  Some examples this are that our religion is better than other ones, we need to drink milk to get calcium, that doctors heal us, that different skin colors have different importance.

Many of use get a "false" education in some areas.  Then we believe in what we have learned and eventually this "education" becomes part of us.  We then defend this information.

This defensive position tends to "protect" us from having an open mind that allows new information to enter and be evaluated.  The closed defensive mind makes us disinterested in seeking knowledge and persuing a path of constant learning.

Ask yourself whether you have an open mind and a constant interest in learning. If you don't have an open mind are you interested in learning how to get one. If you aren't interested that is really telling you something!