Can you let go of who you think and believe who you are? What if you could do that for five minutes and concentrate on yourself as being vibrating specks of live energy dancing around in your mind’s eye vision with your eyes closed? Can you imagine yourself as these pulsating dynamic specks of light which are talked about in quantum physics?

If this sounds crazy don’t try to do it. If you believe that the universe is made up of particles or units of energy and that everything boils down to moving energy, then you may want to try this imagination exercise. If you believe we come from energy and return to energy when our body dies and that during the “Life and Death Cycle” we are still energy in another form appearing as mass(Our bodies), then you may want to develop a sense of comfort with everything. You may come to peace with life as well as death.

This little experiment, which can be repeated at your leisure, may help you accept all that you experience in your day to day life. If you understand what you are doing in this imaginative experience, it may come about more easily. If you need guidance in understanding and doing this, it is available. Try doing your own research in quantum physics and energy.


Learning discipline is a goal of many achieved by few.

Here is what it took for Dr. Jack. When i was a consultant to Multiplan, a managed health care corporation in NYC which serviced 20,000 hospitals and 55,000 MDs, I ate lunch with Dr. J., a retired multimillionaire who just sold his private hospital. He ate a typical NY lunch ordered from the deli and I emptied my lunch bag of raw vegetables. He said, “How can you eat that?” I replied, "it's easier than a triple bypass." Weeks later he fell in the street on the way to a Broadway show and had a triple bypass the next morning. About three weeks later, at the lunch table he said, "I am ready to talk to you now."

He had the typical "crisis" mentality. What do you have, motivation or wait and see "crisis" mentality? Without discipline goals may only be dreams. Some people are disciplined for their survival needs, others for their ego desires or needs such as a wish to be rich or famous or do good for the world. I chose to learn discipline because I wanted to prevent disease and slow down the aging process. For me discipline means in the physical, mental and emotional areas of my life. This enhances my spirituality. I am an 80 year old raw foodist who exercises 6 days a week. I'm not showing off, only trying to motivate you. As the inventor of Lifestyle Psychotherapy, I invite you to check

You can fool everybody, but you can't fool your body. The choice is yours, prevention or unnecessary disease, premature aging and loss of energy. Learning discipline is a process. Are you ready and motivated? Discipline starts with small achievable steps and slowly builds up with success at each step. Start when you are ready and do it yourself or create your own training group for support.


In 1954, when I was in graduate school at the City College of NY, I wrote a paper on the work of Dr. Harry S. Sullivan. He was the first to use the term parataxic distortion which means the inclination to skew perceptions of others based on fantasy. This 'distortion' is a faulty perception of others. This distortion is not based experience with the person but rather from a projected fantasy personality attributed to them. This distortion is in part based on past experience and expectations of how the person should be. This can cause quick inaccurate assessments of a person or an interaction. With this distortion it is possible not to really 'hear' or fully understand what the other is saying. Did you ever get the thought that a person doesn’t understand what you want to convey? This type of misunderstanding is very common and often leads to a lack of clear communication and possible conflict.

I frequently find this type of distortion to be present in conversations. The first step is to recognize that this is happening. After recognizing this distortion, I find it best for me to remain calm and not to react emotionally. I accept the situation as it is rather than enter into a disagreement or conflict. Then I attempt to clarity the situation if the person is willing to discuss it in a calm manner.

Learning how to recognize parataxic distortions may help you avoid the negative effects of poor communication in everyday living.


Are you seeking an illusion? Are you searching for answers or do you believe you already have them? Or do you believe the old masters or present day gurus have the answers? Or perhaps you believe it was Freud or Jung or quantum physics light energy theory? Is it Taoism or Buddhism or both? Maybe the laws of nature are the true answers. The more you search the more you find. Are all these ideas and beliefs comforting you or encouraging you to search further in the endless discovery of what exists?

Whatever works for you may be good for you.  Are you forever healing and searching for peace and love and letting go of fear? 

Learning how to accept life is simple, however, it may not be easy for some people who constantly think life is a struggle.  These people think everything is "hard" rather than "easy."  Thus they make things "hard."

Neurolinguistic programing (NLP) tells us that the words we use reflect how we think and feel.  It seems as if you have a choice between "easy" and "hard" however, many people are preprogramed by their past history and so really don't have free choice.  If you accept your life as it flows you may search and suffer less.  This will allow you to learn inner peace and enhance your capacity to love.



When you have fear you don't feel safe. Fear is a great obstacle in life.

Many people live with unconscious fears acquired early in life due to overwhelming situations. These unconscious fears remained buried in you for your whole life and affect your thoughts, actions and health. Negative emotions are believed to cause cancer. Fears my prevent you from achieving your life's purpose, block specific goals and prevent you from loving.

The world presents many situations that are constantly changing. How you react to them is determined by your life history. Many react automatically due to established neurochemical pathways that keep repeating over and over again. Learning how to free yourself from these reactions is important for your future. If they control you, your freedom is diminished or lost. Your life becomes limited. Many people are unaware that they are living in a self-limiting world and keep repeating what they have always done. It's a bit like living in a self-imposed "jail" without realizing you are there.

You are living in that "jail" not because you want to, rather because you have no choice due to your life history. However, with the right awareness and motivation, you can free yourself. Many need help to do this because understanding your unconscious is not easily available. If you don't succeed on your own, try professional help just as you would from your dentist, auto mechanic or lawyer. You can overcome all your fears, feel safe and free. It's all possible. I send you my love.


To those of you who have a full realization of what is going on, both the elite and the conspiracy theorists, it is important to be aware that even with HAARP and their capabilities, nature will always triumph. Some have predicted a revolution in the US and that it will become a third world country. The elite want a one world government and one world currency, known as SDRs which will become a BANCOR, a new type of currency.

Both sides , the elitist and the counter elitist groups are deeply worried. The internal split of the elitists may be considered a third side. As the multinational corporations, bankers, Federal Reserve, IMF, world bank push their agendas and more people die, or starve or get sick we may begin to realize that no matter how it all will evolve the planet needs to produce food for human survival. Self destructive mechanisms of food production such as GMO seeds and food production has had its backlash and will continue with more intensive backlash. Obviously food is the foundation of humans who have not yet learned to eat gold, petroleum or currencies. All sides in this situation are fighting desperately in their to achieve their beliefs. An enormous amount of energy is being spent in this struggle for supremacy.

Some of the counties of the first world such as the US, China, Japan, Canada and other European and South American countries, etc. pretend to cooperate as they try to manipulate and become number one. Some have said that the US is building an empire and others say it is falling apart. So whatever you personal perspective is as we watch the planetary evolution we have the ideas of the fools who believe that the outcome can be controlled by their powers or we have the Taoist who believes in the Great Way in which things happen and that is how it will be. Maybe the laws of nature will be the future. What do you think, or do you or don't you bother to!

The basic instinct of all species is survival according to the laws of nature and Monsanto has showed us that their weed killer has now caused a new weed that is about two meters tall. Perhaps this is a an example or lesson of the power of nature and that those who survive the in the future will evolve into a new type of human being, one of heart, love and compassion!


As we see, hear and read about the destruction of human, planetary and solar system resources and understand the growing intensity and speed with which it is now occuring we can step back to get proper perspective of the current reality. When we learn to do this without the fear which may be an inherent part of the planned program, we can learn to relax. This is not easy to do for the jobless, homeless, restless anxiety driven humans. The other earthly creatures haven’t learned to worry due to their natural, instinctive behavior. They don’t contemplate the future or death. Could it be that advanced civilization has taught us some things such as accumulation, materialism and greed that may need to be carefully evaluated?

The cycle of the current global civilization which is apparently quite destructive will bring itself to its own natural end at its own pace. As this occurs it is actually forming, planting and cultivating the seeds of the future without being fully conscious of what it is doing. It is so busy on its path that it doesn’t fully understand what it is really doing. As it digs its own grave and nourishes the seeds with its own decaying matter it is actually creating what it wants to destroy but with a stronger foundation and greater inner strength.

It is easy to understand this simple concept because we know matter is a form of energy which cannot be destroyed but perhaps can only be reformed. So the burnt logs produce ashes which fertilize the soil. If we accept this concept then the energy of destruction which is initially apparently wasted and sadly and unfortunately taking many human lives and creating enormous suffering, will be recycled by the forces of nature, the natural laws. This is easy to say or read about but not easy to live through for those suffering the immediate consequenses of the destructive forces.

Picking a date such as December 21, 2012 may not be the best way to face this situation. Perhaps we can learn to let the river flow as it will until it empties into the ocean. We cannot push it or slow it because we don’t control as of now! So once again learn to accept and go with the way it is going which does not mean for you to not do what you want to do. You are part of the whole picture that is happening. After all, you can’t be expected to unlearn all the habits and addictions and lifestyle that are part of your character structure and beliefs that you defend and cherish!

You do have the choice of observing, evaluating and making new responsible decisions for yourselves today or in the future. Best wishes!


I have now come to accept that even the most intelligent people wait for a health crisis, rather than do what is necessary to prevent a crisis. Most people are partially ill, however, do not have symptoms that bother them enough to even evaluate their situation. They tend to rationalize their abdominal fat, protruding belly, stress and negative emotions and conflicts, etc. The emotional issues that prevent people from being objective often serves as a good defense against even exposing themselves to information based on scientific study. Denial is a major defense used by many people.

Perhaps many people have become sufficiently brain washed since childhood that it becomes almost impossible to get them to have an open mind. The scientific studies and research that is available from reputable sources is enormous and each year it increases. Yet despite this, some of these intelligent people including medical doctors, have refused to even look at the information even when presented to them. I will never forget the story of Dr. Jack in New York when i worked for Multiplan. Dr Jack had to have a triple bypass before he was ready to listen to me about the foods he was eating.

If you are having an type of minor health problem, physical, mental or emotional it makes sense to investigate it before it gets worse. If you keep living the lifestyle that you have being living up to now, chances are good that the problems will continue to grow. Open your mind to prevention, don't wait for the crisis.


Let go of fear and the security of the economic and social nest you have built and fly somewhere new to strengthen you wings.

Fear is usually the underlying emotion of doubt, worry, anxiety, frustration, etc.. However the root cause of fear is powerlessness which in most cases comes from your life history. Events of the past may have been so overwhelming that a feeling of weakness and powerlessness developed. When you uncover and understand these events and look at them with the freshness of the current moment, they can be put into proper perspective. When this is done, a new freedom is born to be able to develop courage.
Since every moment of life is a teacher to those who have sufficient awareness and consciousness, life can be developed into a new source of courage. Something that was frightening in the past can become the stimulating challenge to develop courage when thought of with the proper perspective. Any fear creates the opportunities for personal development. Taking this a step further you can learn to welcome fear as a great teacher.
Each new fearful feeling and event can serve to build greater courage. Everyone can do it if you are willing to. If you are motivated to make this change in your life it will become a more exciting adventure. When you create more courage you will be rewarded with new growth and inner strength. An example can be as simple as saying something you were afraid to say or taking a trip by yourself to a foreign country where you don't speak the language.
Living with greater courage is its own reward. Facing the challenge of the economic and political crisis in the world brings a great opportunity. Now is the time to learn how to realize you are not powerless and that you have the courage. Start now!


Speak with a tongue of the feeling heart and spirit and not with a tongue of words.
Radiate energy from your heart, not from the logic of the limited mind trained by the slavemasters who teach conformity and obedience.

Close your mind and eyes and let your inner rivers of energy and spirit carry you without fear of the unknown. Float on the river with patience and love, don't swim. Feed on the formless universal energy. Don't try to understand what hasn't been labeled yet. Trust the unknown and let it carry you with its ebb and flow to the edge of your consciousness so you can go beyond your former limits.

Do not be intimidated by worldly affairs for they are in their own evolution leading to natural consequences. The laws of nature prevail over human illusions.

Enter the realm of heart-light-feeling-spirit by not trying to enter it for only then can it come. The feeling heart of love and compassion are inseparable. Energy and spirit moves everything and will bring you peace and healing.

-- This workshop will be given at the RAW SPIRIT FESTIVAL in Sedona, AZ on September 12 to 14, 2008 with Dr. Walter J. Urban will be a speaker in the main indoor stage. All information is available at


Yes, you have all the power. It all lies within you. All you have to do is to learn how to use it. For many years gurus sell themselves under various names and find buyers who are seeking to save or better themselves. The last 25 years those master marketers have made millions of dollars due to good marketing to a public seeking short cuts or magical solutions to help them live their lives and are not aware of their inner abilities to heal themselves. Just look around on the internet and you will find thousands of sites selling you something in every imaginable area of your life. Have you spent any money on any of them lately?

Your body is programmed to heal itself and you can learn to assist it with the right information and the right nutrition for energetic healing which includes: physical karma, mental karma, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Understanding energy systems in your body and how to give them what they need promotes your capacity to heal, love and enjoy yourself. When you realize this you will realize we are all equal in our capacity to self-heal and self-govern. We heal ourselves. Only we can do that. However we must make the responsible choice and do it. No one can do it for us, not even the person in the white coat who is actually making you worse as he/she can continue to profit from the process until the day you die. When you buy into the system you are trained to buy into, you give up your responsibility to educate yourself and pass on generations of brain-washed children who support various gurus, no matter what they wear.

Everything is based on energy, your heart beat, you breathe, your mind, your emotions, the food you eat, the water you drink, and even your spirit is.

When you understand energy, you will understand the essence of life, of everything. Even a rock has energy which is not visible to a naked eye.

Energy is the ability or capacity of a physical system to perform work, the ability to make things happen, the capacity of acting or being active. It is an electromagnetic force that sustains everything. Over five thousand years ago the ancient Chinese discovered a subtle energy in the body that can’t be seen, felt or found with the senses. Chi, which is thought of as an activating energy of the universe, is the pure, harmonizing and free flowing energy that sustains all life. Chi condenses (negative, yin) and disperses (positive, yang) energy and can be neither created nor destroyed according to Chinese beliefs. Chi flows through the universe and Humans. Energy is an electromagnetic force that sustains everything.

You can study, learn and teach yourself more about energy on your own if you take the time and responsibility to do so. If you want help with this learning process, I will be glad to be available. I am not a guru with fancy clothes and magic. However, I can be of assistance to you. We are all unique in our life history and current lifestyle so there is no one magic “law” to learn. Your energy or lack of it, or blocked energy is unique to you, so working with you individually or in a group setting is offered to you. I have recently guided a lady who had a pain in her chest for about 30 years and gave up with doctors. She got rid of her pain in 25 minutes. This was done in front of 40 people at the 2007 Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, AZ. Her pain was due to blocked emotions and as her tears about lack of love flowed from her eyes, the pain dissolved and didn’t come back the next day. This was done in my workshop on Healing the Heart.

There is no need to continue to live with pain or low energy. Learn how to use our own power to create optimal energy in your life. When you develop the right attitude, beliefs, thinking and are free from emotional blocks and have the right thinking, nutrition, exercise and breathing, you will be better prepared to develop and become conscious of the spirit that you already are. I will share with you and use my 54 years of personal and professional experience to help you attain your goals for the joyous, healthy, loving peaceful life that you deserve and need. Start today!
You don’t have to continue to live your everyday life controlled by the habits, emotions, feelings and other past wounds to your being. You can free yourself and live the life you want.


Internet Money Gurus want to make money from selling you their products. Many of them utilize information from psychology, neurology, chinese medicine, psychoanalysis, etc. They are very clever in selling techniques and offer certification such as a certified dream coach, in their programs. Their offerings are aimed to help you help yourself and others. One of the bottom lines is making money for you and them. All that is ok. They offer you a win/win situation. Everything is made to look easy and simple and they offer special bargains. They claim their techniques will change your life quickly.

I offer a word of caution so you are not chasing the carrot and paying for the chase. Real growth is usually a process rather than a single magical jump. People so not usually unlearn their life history and make lifestyle changes that last without doing the the step by step work that is necessary. Please evaluate these marketing gurus for yourself.


You can't eat oil or money. You eat food. Live enzymes in food are a key to good health. Cooking food denatures (modifies the molecular structure) it and diminishes its value. The organic farmers of the world are the seeds of the planet's future. Greed and the misuse of power and money destroy the heart, humanity, and the planet. The heart is the center of our being and is nourished by love. The heart, spirit and soul work together to build a political consciousness. We are the grass roots of the world. We must connect in love and not be separated by fears, insecurities, differences or feelings of powerlessness. Our opportunity is here now, and the challenge that we face will strengthen us.

Help build Rawpolitics by joining with me. It is by our combined efforts that we can use the strength we all have to become the leaders in love and vibrant health, reducing and eventually eliminating needless suffering.

In April 2007, the leadership of the International Living Food Summit issued a statement on the Optimum Diet for Health and Longevity, returning to the ancient truth that the body heals itself when given the nutrients it needs.

What's more, all the technology, funding, equipment, scientists, computer experts and politicians of the world cannot create a single seed. The power of nature is supreme. Our goal is to increase awareness that a happier, healthier humanity and planet is in the choices we make in our diet now.

As you read this, the human diet worldwide is controlled by the interests of multinational corporations, lobbyists, and other institutional giants looking to make a profit. Codex is trying to control how we get our vitamins and other supplements. Rawpolitics emphasizes a lifestyle of more informed connection with our food through organic farming and eating a diet of fresh, raw foods to heal the body, the planet, and social obstacles to peace.

The connection and relationship between a raw, organic diet and global politics may seem incomprehensible to many people who lack the information that we will provide on this website. Air, food, water and shelter are necessary for humanity and to live, and raw organic food has a relationship to all of these through pollution, toxic chemicals and some building materials. Raw Politics hopes you will join us and contribute what you know to create the world you want. For example, the same number of acres used to grow food crops produces more food per acre than if that land were reserved for raising cattle. Growing plant food on the same acres does not create garbage of paper (cartons), metal and glass that is needed for packaging of preserved foods. On the other hand, waste produced by growing food crops is mostly compostable; unusable lettuce, root extensions from root vegetables, skins and peels can all be used again by any organic farmer.

Rawpolitics will serve as the nucleus of a qualified group of visionary leaders whose lives are dedicated to developing a realistic path of actions. These actions will enhance vibrant health, the planet, inner and planetary peacefulness, and compassion, as well as foster responsible choices in thinking and behavior. As despair, hopelessness, powerlessness, passivity end, a planetary program developed in alignment with the laws of nature will emerge. This program will eliminate fear, greed, false ego-based power, corruption, disrespect of differences, irrational authority and the necessity to manipulate and control the world by military, economic and political power in the name of democracy and freedom. Domination of other countries, including Ecuador, Indonesia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and more, whether by use of the World Bank or military brute force, will collapse on itself and destroy the dominator in time.

When the old powers that be understand that they destroy none other than their own children and grandchildren, they too will begin to wake up to their own shortsightedness and destructiveness. The games of controlling and dominating humanity and the universe will reveal themselves to these individuals as the futile pursuits that they are, contributing only to an increase of pollution, destruction and disease for everyone. Childhood cancer and diabetes, an increase in adult cancer, genetic engineering of seeds and trees, global warming, reduction of oxygen in the air and many other self and planetary destructive things are the poisoned fruits of their insane behavior.

Raw foodists must realize they are the ones to emerge and lead this change, and need to begin now in their own community. To those who are new to the raw lifestyle, we accept you and your food choices as you are. However, for the best health we hope you study and evaluate the benefits of an 80% or better raw diet in which you get the live enzymes you need. The world needs your help to achieve sanity, the preservation and improvement of the planet and peace.

Now is the time to cross boundaries, respect our slight differences, see the greater picture and organize and unite thousands of organizations, groups and individuals worldwide into the vision and become one world force, using Rawpolitics as a foundation, melting pot, and grass roots organization that will roll up its sleeves to create this new world.

Dr. Walter J. Urban is a Research Psychoanalyst registered with the Medical Board of California, in United States, registration, No. 7, and is the Founder, Clinical Director and Visionary of the Energy of Life Institute in Costa Rica, where he has an organic farm.


Understanding the beginning signs and precursors of disease can help prevent the illness from developing. These early signs of blocked energy can be discovered and used to prevent the symptom from developing. Traditionally the disease is treated when the symptom shows itself. With the tools now available the is no longer a need to get sick and suffer and treat the symptom. The current emphasis on locating the cause of the symptom is becoming more accepted and used in modern practice.

The next step of finding the early signs or precursors can best be achieved by Integrative Prevention Team Diagnosis. This means the utilization of a variety of disciplines to take place in a central location where the findings of each discipline can be presented, discussed and coordinated as a team. Then a tentative conclusion can be reached and presented in a skillful manner to the patient so that a decision to take action for a change in lifestyle by the patient may be made. For example, the team members may include an iridologist, a live blood cell analyst, a medical doctor reviewing homocystine, triglicerides, cholesterol, etc., a nutritionist, a massage therapist, a chiropractor, a psychotherapist, an herbalist, a naturopath, a natural hygienist, an acupuncturist, etc.

The findings from these professional disciplines will be presented at a team meeting in which the goal will be to fully understand, discuss, coordinate and conclude how best to help the patient from developing a disease. This team prevention diagnostic approach shall always be the main focus rather than be sidetracked by personal agendas, egos or professional hierarchies that have existed. The skillful leadership of this team will facilitate and enable teamwork to be utilized with full respect to each member.

To initiate this IPTD, the team members will need to give a few hours a week without initial renumeration. This will primarily be an experimental heart felt and loving process which will be motivated by truth and a desire to help stop needless human suffering.
The success of this new model will depend on the team members willingness and motivation. Developing this prototype model will serve as the basis for future models that will become more refined and fine tuned and then presented to the main stream holistic healing profession and eventually to main stream medicine. The far reaching consequences of such a system of disease prevention will decrease human suffering, premature deaths, help the ecology of the planet and save trillions of dollars spent on current health care practices.

Opposition to such a IPTD model may arise from those who currently benefit financially from the status quo. However, if they want to help their own children, families as well as themselves they may see the benefits. The development and rise of illnesses and new diseases such as childhood cancer and diabetes, despite new technologies and medical equipment points to the need for early detection and prevention.
Let us carry this plan forth with courage, love, enthusiasm, dedication, persistence and commitment.

The foundation of this concept was first written about as "holistic diagnosis" by the author and published in his book Integrative Therapy: foundation of holistic and self healing, published in 1978 (Chapter 10, pages 141 to 143).


Every day your health, your energy, your money, your life, and your children’s lives are being destroyed. The air you breathe, the food you eat, and the water you drink are making you sick and robbing you of your vitality, slowly creating pain, suffering, and premature death. Those of us who have built our lives around studying such matters are aware of what is happening to the planet and ourselves.

The majority of us do not realize that we contribute to our own demise because we do not open our minds to the available information and knowledge. The few who take the time to find out the truth create many reasons why we do not put this good information into daily use. We offer many rationalizations for not taking personal responsibility, such as being too busy. However, busyness stops when we become sick with a stroke, a heart attack, cancer or other disease, or even a cold or flu, which takes the foreground and can bring the daily routine to a halt.

Some of us feel helpless, others are apathetic, and still others are resigned to the way it is and accept our poor and unhealthy habits and addictions. As a culture, we are conditioned and brainwashed to remain where we are. Yet some of us "see the light" and struggle against great odds to change our lifestyles to a more positive direction and take responsibility as people concerned about our own well-being. This is not easy, because we have been trained to depend on doctors to take responsibility for our health. This training, which starts in infancy and childhood, remains with us and continues to increase as we become senior citizens who depend on drugs.

Everything starts with you. We can change ourselves; no one else can change us. If we change the way we think, we can start to change our lifestyles. If we wait for a crisis in our lives to motivate us, we deprive ourselves of a head start toward preventing disease. Collectively and individually, we create our own diseases. When we weaken our immune systems, we become more vulnerable to the invasion of microbes and viruses that were already there.

When we give our bodies, minds, and spirits the proper "food," nourishment takes place. When we feed them toxins, we become toxic. Each cell that pulsates seventy times a minute needs the right nutrients and needs to eliminate its wastes. If this does not occur properly, the cell weakens and becomes diseased. As the diseased cells build up over time, a blockage occurs and a disease slowly forms, which calls our attention in the form of a symptom. When the symptom becomes annoying enough or painful enough, we seek relief.

Our minds and our "healthcare" system are geared toward quick relief with drugs to suppress or eliminate the symptom or pain; we rarely take the responsibility and the time and effort to find the cause of the problem. The "doctor" is on the clock and rarely sees the patient as a whole person with interrelated parts that may contribute to the symptom. Both patient and doctor have been conditioned to this automatic thought and action pattern.

There is no wealth without health. We must wake up now or suffer the consequences of what the powers that be are doing to us, our air, water, food, and the planet. These powers are not only destroying our planet in many ways but are destroying themselves and their children in exchange for money from controlling corporations. Their actions have resulted, among other things, in an epidemic of children with "old-people’s" diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. In addition, many new "diseases" have been created, such as ADD and "restless leg syndrome," to sell new drugs. With about 7,000 drugs on the market now and a host of new medical devices, diseases are on the rise! The American Cancer Society includes processed foods, meat, and vegetables that are filled with chemicals among its dietary recommendations. How far will they go to stay in business?

The powers that be refuse to open their ears and minds, because control and money are more important than good health and our lives. This greed and shortsightedness is highly destructive. The powerful have the money to control the media and brainwash the masses so that they can be used for their purposes. Count the number of drug commercials on TV during one day! Clearly, the goal of these irresponsible and self-serving advertisements is to keep people coming back for more, not to enhance their health. The powers that be are also hard at work endeavoring to weaken standards for organic certification of our foods and other products. High-quality organically grown food will soon be very hard to find, and processed foods and genetically modified foods, which contain more than 10,000 additives, will continue to increase disease. Monsanto, meanwhile, is seizing control over more and more of the seed supply on the planet.

With this in mind, WAKE UP, AMERICA! offers information and suggestions on actions you can take to save your life and create vibrant health…and precisely how to go about implementing them in your life. Stay tuned, as we invite various experts to offer their ideas on this site. Let’s educate ourselves and develop a grass-roots movement that grows strong enough to have a voice that will wake up America to become a vibrant healthy country led with truth, dignity, and enthusiasm. Get your family and friends to spread the word, and be sure to include your children. Martin Luther King and Jack and Robert Kennedy were killed, but they can’t kill all of us. When we all become leaders in our great team, we will save ourselves and the planet.

The healthcare industry in the U.S. depends on illness to survive financially. How can they get paid if they don’t see you? When you are well, you do not need their services. If you are healthy you may not be a patient unless you have an accident.

As more people turn to alternatives to the mainstream disease-care system, pharmaceutical companies are inventing new drugs for children to "prevent" illness. Look at a copy of Child magazine to verify this. Why give a healthy child toxic drugs to prevent a disease he does not have? This insane thinking is motivated by profit at the expense of the health and lives of our children. The propaganda machine brainwashes the unsuspecting, uninformed population. Promoting disease is also the business of the baby food industry. Recent laboratory tests of eight industry-leader baby foods revealed the presence of 16 pesticides, including three carcinogens.* Processed and cooked baby foods also lack the full complement of vital nutrients, including enzymes, that are found in whole foods in their natural state. Such "dead" enzyme-deficient foods line the shelves of all supermarkets and many health-food stores.

Do we want to make people sick, or do we want to create vibrant health? Without question, we wish to create health. Creating health requires education of the masses. This can be done only with your help, dedication, and commitment. Your life, your children’s lives, and the life of the planet are at stake. We cannot compete against the corporations. However, we can grow in our mission as we grow in numbers. It is up to you to become leaders in your families and communities. It is your choice and decision to take action before you and your family become greater victims of man-made disease. PLEASE TAKE ACTION TODAY by passing on this Web site to everyone you know.

Some references are The Cure Is in the Cause, by Ruza Bogdanovich; The Politics of Cancer Revisited, by Samuel Epstein; The Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism, by William Harris; The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell; Enzymes, the Fountain of Life, by D. Lopez, R. Williams and K. Miehlke; Do You Have The Courage To Change?, by Walter Urban

I send you health, peace, love, light, wisdom, and freedom. —Dr. Walter J. Urban

* Source references for baby food studies
- Cook, Kenneth A., et al., Pesticides in the U.S. Food Supply (February 1995),
- CFSAN FDA Office of Plant and Dairy Foods; FDA Pesticide Residue Monitoring Program 1994-2002


You already know the dangers of being overweight, however, try as you may you're still overweight. Maybe you've tried to lose so many times that you have given up. You know pills and counting calories don't work for you so you've accepted your fate.
Most people need a 'wake up crisis' before they are ready to change. A medical doctor colleague of mine needed to have a triple bypass before he was ready to talk to me about the food he was eating. Most people think that they will not get sick since they believe they 'eat healthy.'

The knowledge and information is out there and available. Yes, there are so many books that tell you what to do. The trouble is that you read them, but then delay making any changes in your lifestyle. When you continue to defend the way you live, you continue to go down the path of self destruction meal by meal until the disease you are creating shows its head with a noticeable symptom. Do you know when you have 500 cancer cells growing in your body, of course not. There is no way to find them until there has been enough growth to produce a noticeable symptom. Do you know when your colon is beginning to develop problems?

The key to losing weight starts in your mind not your diet. If you are willing to have a positive attitude and open your mind, then you can understand what is preventing you from making changes in your lifestyle and in the food that you eat. Changing is very difficult because our habits are already formed and are repeated everyday so they get stronger and stronger. The strength of these food habits and lifestyle can create a feeling of resignation in you. We actually give up and wait for the 'wake up crisis' in the form of a heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes, etc. to occur.
You'll read this article and say yeah, yeah, I know all that and go on your way, rather than increase your awareness and consciousness because it's easier to delay, procrastinate and avoid. Taking responsibility for your health is a matter you've given to your 'doctor.' By the way is your doctor a bit overweight?

Well if you want to take the responsibility back, you are a rare person. So maybe I will reach a few of you out there. Do you want to lose weight and keep it off? Do you want to learn how to change? Read DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO CHANGE?: The 12 basic reasons why people don't change.

You can lose weight by changing what you eat and eat all you want of the right food. Do you have the courage to take the first step or will you wait for the 'wake up crisis?'


To heal the planet we must first heal ourselves, our minds, bodies, emotions and spirit. We must look in the mirror and deep inside ourselves and find the causes of our self destructive thinking. We can't "fix" anything until we change our thinking. Our thinking influences our emotions both of which contribute to our actions.

If fear, insecurities, self doubts and greed continue to dominate our love, spirit and hope, the self destructive path will continue to increase. When irrational power and money disturb the minds of the powers that be because they get the benefits and rewards of the status quo, they are not motivated to change. We must change and end our hopelessness, impotence, passivity, futility and resignation.

When we change our motivations and consciousness nature will restore itself. Nature knows what to do just as our bodies know what to do given the right nutrients. Most technological discoveries have lead to increased pollution, new diseases such as childhood cancer and diabetes, atomic waste disposal problems, harmful drugs, unnatural and processed food and global warming.

When we disturb and destroy nature we destroy ourselves. We are a part of nature and not separate from it. We continue to learn the power of nature's forces when we abuse it. We must live in harmony with nature, each other and within ourselves. We must focus on our common goals not our differences and look behind terrorism and see the war of ideas.

Our lives must be directed to our growth, love, peace, faith, brotherhood, spirituality and hope. We are growing in consciousness and numbers and will continue to do so only if you start improving yourself today. IF YOU DON'T WHO WILL?


Learning to take more responsibility for your life is the foundation of healthy living. Many people simply accept where they are and do not actively pursue increased learning because it more comfortable to repeat old ways. These old ways of living their lives reduce their chances of preventing disease and slowing the aging process. Some are so caught up in what they call the survival process that there is little time for improvements. However these same people have time to watch television, play computer games, spend a lot of time on their cell phones, go to sport events, walk in the malls, etc. They justify their use of time by rationalizing in many ways. The choice between diversions, entertainment, escapism and learning is not always a free choice because many of their minds have been controlled since birth and they are unaware of it. The program offered is to help you become aware of the responsibility you have to yourself to make a responsible choice for your life.



You have the courage and it will grow in you when you use it. You must use it to change yourself, your family, community, nation and the world. You are challenged by internal fear cast upon you by the false external powers that threaten you. These powers are self serving and intimidate those that get in their way or do away with them.

What happened to your voice? What happened to your thoughts? The right to express your thoughts was guaranteed to you, yet you hold back your words. Many of you are waiting for safety before you speak up, however, if you don't speak up, you will not find safety. Your single voice multiplied by many others can create the world you want and need to live the life of truth, wisdom and compassion.

Speak up and change yourself. Make good choices or continue to watch your life go by and feel helpless and controlled by false powers. Each one who speaks up encourages another to do the same. Speaking up gives you real power which grows in you, the community, the nation and the world. It starts with each of you and then spreads and eventually to most of you and finally to all.

Living in fear promotes thought and thought can stimulate the challenge of courage which then presents a choice for you to make. Stay where you are or risk going forward and grow your inner power. Delay facing this challenge and you will weaken yourself. Face this challenge and you will feel the joy of growth. Only you can make this correct choice. Summon your courage, strength, determination and make the commitment to make a responsible choice for yourself and humanity!



Franklin Roosevelt said “there is nothing to fear but fear itself.” I think this is only half right. Yes there is nothing to fear. We don’t have to fear , fear itself.

What causes fear, what is behind fear? It is a sense of powerlessness. When we investigates why there is fear the is always a situation in which one feels there is nothing that one can do.

I recently gave a lecture at a gathering of intentional community leaders and asked how many had fears. I was surprised that almost everyone raised their hands. Fears originate from the past, present or thinking about the future. They are internally or externally caused.

When we are children we may develop fears due to forces that we cannot control and these forces of various kinds may continue in one’s adolescent and adult life. Fears may also be buried deeply in our personality and not show up under ordinary conditions. These unconscious fears need more work to be discovered. One’s conscious fears may be easier to work with. When one is raised with love, self worth and self esteem the foundation is much stronger and one is less likely to develop inner fears of worry, self doubt, a sense of inadequacy or a feeling of being unlovable.

The first step is to own the fear rather than deny it. Bringing the fear out into the open and clearly understanding it and then investigating its history and origin. Many fears are made stronger by repetition thus require more work to get rid of them. Fears that come from an external threat are more easily understood than internal fears. Losing a job or a mate may be the trigger mechanism to a reality fear of being homeless and without food. At the same time this may trigger an internal fear of being lonely, isolated and unworthy. Thus some fears are double edged, external and internal.

Each person being a unique individual has his own perceptions of the same situation as well as his own individual reactions that are influenced by his life history.

The ultimate fear for many is the fear of death. So far we all must die. Some believe that our spirit lives forever and that the energy returns to another form or its original form. If we come to terms with death, the death of our bodies, before we actually die we can eliminate this fear. Everyone handles this differently.

Changing fear into love depends on our beliefs. Our personal place in our community and in the global situation differs greatly. A Haitian eating mud pies sees the world very differently than the CEO of Intel or Goldman Sachs. A Nigerian oil worker, an Isreali soldier, an Indian farmer, etc. all may have very different psychological makeup and beliefs and live in very different environments. They all have one thing in common, the survival instinct unless they are a devout suicide bomber with a special set of beliefs. The desire to live has created various types of adaptation. When one examines what can be done about their current fearful situation and realizes there are always solutions of some sort.

Changing one’s belief system is a big job for most people and one is frequently not aware of one’s belief until they are made conscious. Doing this takes investigative work and often requires help. When all beliefs are conscious and fully understood with their origins and history, they can be critically evaluated. After that choices can be made as to which beliefs are of current value, which can be modified and which can be eliminated. Revising one’s beliefs can be a great influence for the process of change. Such modification allow for entrance of new beliefs which in turn can influence thoughts, emotions and actions. These new beliefs based on new information allows for more responsible choices so that feelings of powerlessness and threats can be reduced and even overcome. Understanding that old internal threats may have been based on childhood fears allows the use of a more logical adult perception and reaction to a situation. For example a powerless child facing an angry parent can now be perceived quite differently and the old fear can be eliminated. Adult understanding of the limited parent’s emotions can lead to more patience. Then from patience to self discipline, then to growth, then to freedom, then to forgiveness, then to the freedom to love and the joy of loving. Love is something that is felt and given. A bell only works when you ring it. So this may serve as one example of changing fear into love.

External fears are quite different. There are many ways to look at or react to external fears. Taoism explains that everything is part of the Great Way. Costa Ricans have a saying, “pura vida” which means pure life and also say that whatever happens is “part of life.” For most its not so simple when you face death. We all face death so far.

The first chakra, color red, located at the base of the spine located between the anus and genitals, has the instinct of survival as manifested in life itself with food, shelter and the ability to provide for oneself. Some negative aspects of the first chakra have been considered to be hoarding, mindless violence, predatory behavior and chronic fatigue.

A direct threat to one’s life is the greatest danger one faces. This threat produces a fear response. There are many types of secondary threats such as fear of loss of one’s home, job, money, loved ones, etc. Practically all threats provoke psychological, emotional and physical reactions.

The threat or external situation is a reality. The question now becomes, how does one react to it. If you are in charge of your reactions and able to choose how to react you may be able to perceive the threat, even of death, in a different way. For most people this is easier said then done. If we consider death the greatest possible threat, other than torture, for most people, one’s beliefs about death will affect the reaction thus creating fear or no fear. Of course, this is easier to understand in theory rather than practice. However with much reinforcement of a fearless belief system, fear can eventually be eliminated. The Samuri had a saying, “this is a good day to die.”

The force that is life threatening may come from humans or from nature, a war, a murderer or a tidal wave or from 911 or the gulf oil disaster. Human made death is surely a sad and horrible state of affairs. Those humans who have inflicted death or slow death through pollution, contamination, and disease creation are part of the world we live in. “Turn the other cheek” was advise given. Learn forgiveness. Once again easier said than done. How can we turn fear into love? Can we ever do it? Can we control what seems to be automatic psychological, emotional and physical reactions? This is an individual matter. Can understanding lead to forgiveness? Can one free oneself from one’s reactions?

We face many external threats as we face the global situation and here in the United States with its unemployment, foreclosures and many other situations. How do we react to these threats? With fear or calm thinking and a belief system that allows us to get enough perspective to understand the greater picture of the future. What was hidden before to most of us becomes clearly in the open so it can be cleansed. It all depends on what you believe and how you react. Do you have spiritual awareness?

Do you understand or believe that all is vibrations of light energy that transforms rather than dies?

If this has made you think a bit or even motivated to study, I am delighted!

My mantra is I am light, energy, peaceful, love and grateful.


Who owns you? Are you able to think for yourself or are you so conditioned by the media, corporations, your religion, the government and everything else that has control over your mind? Isn't it time to wake up and increase your consciousness? Are you so caught up in how you think and what you do everyday, that you no longer know who you are? Do you keep doing and running so much that there is no time left to observe yourself, think for yourself and understand what has happened and is happening to your life?
Are you programmed to think the way you do and continue living the life you have now? What has happened to the United States in the last 25 or 50 years? What has happened to morality, ethics, values and personal integrity? Are you happy with where the nation is and where it is going? Are you in control of your life or is it controlled by the powers that own you.
Are you happy and satisfied with what's going on? Do you feel helpless? Do you feel hopeless? Is there anything you would like to see change in our country? Do you have a vision and are you willing to work toward it or are you afraid to have one? Is the fear so great that you no longer feel free in the "land of the free"?
Start thinking with clarity, truth and wisdom. Perhaps you can change yourself enough to start changing the United States. TAKE BACK AMERICA! Dr. Walter J. Urban

PLEASE PASS THIS MESSAGE to as many as you can, thanks.


Millions of Americans die prematurely of degenerative diseases, heart attacks, strokes and cancer. The statistics are there to prove it, however, little attention is paid to them because most people have become rigid in their thoughts and attitudes. Even if they are willing to listen to helpful information, they soon disregard it and go on their usual way.
When people ingest toxins and other harmful substances they are surely going to suffer the consequences. However, even though they know this, they continue to harm themselves. What is it in their thinking and psychological makeup that allows them to be addicted to self destructive behavior? Do they love their food and other addictions more than their own lives? Is the denial mechanism so strong that they cannot act rationally?

After many years of conditioning to negative habits it is not easy to make changes. Most people have great difficulty when they try to change their eating habits becasue they enjoy certain tastes. For example, trying to eat food withour salt is a change that people find hard to do. Many people do not know what unsalted food tastes like. They have grown up with salt and sugar and find foods tasteless without them.

So what is the solution to this self destructive problem? When the advertising media bombards the world with its products, how can people learn to make healthier choices?

Medical technology is more advanced than it ever has been. Pharmaceutical products have reached an all time high. Biotechnology has made incredible advances such as cloning, transplants and artificial body parts. Billions of dollars are spent on research to cure cancer. The vitamin industry has grown enormously. Despite all this, as well as other scientific advances, cancer is on the rise and childhood cancer and diabetes now exist. Cardiovascular diseases are still the number one killers.

Doesn't all this make you question or at least make you think about saving your own life and the lives of your family? Why wait for a a triple bypass, a stroke, radiation, chemotherapy or surgery? Why not wake up now and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle? You can start by eating certified organically grown foods. In addition you can start a self education program and read DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO CHANGE by Dr.Walter J. Urban and THE CURE IS IN THE CAUSE by Dr. Ruza Bogdonovich and check the website When will you make the decision and commitment to change?



Americans bought an estimated $125 billion worth of consumer electronics -- computers, monitors, cell phones, televisions -- this past year. With hundreds of millions of them becoming obsolete every year in this country, what happens to all the stuff we don't want any more?

Some of us just hang on to it, or pass it on as hand-me-downs to friends or family. And some of us donate our old tech gadgets and computers to charity.

But the hard truth is that your old clunker of a computer may be more of a burden than a blessing to many charities.

"I've tried to give the equipment to the Salvation Army -- they don't take it anymore," one man told "20/20."

The reality is much of the stuff ends up in the garbage.

E-Waste Is Hazardous Waste

But there's a dirty little secret piling up with those electronics thrown into the garbage. This "e-waste" is tainted with hazardous contaminants.

The average computer monitor contains more than five pounds of lead. Computers can also contain mercury and cadmium. When you multiply that by the millions of outdated computers and monitors, you've got lots of toxins that you don't want to put back into the earth.

It's environmentally unsafe for individuals to just throw out computers and monitors, but federal law prohibits businesses from doing it.

Businesses usually pay electronic recyclers to haul away the old equipment and pull it apart, and if it's done right, pretty much everything can be reused.

Unfortunately, it's not always done right. That's dirty little secret No. 2: Some recyclers may not be recycling everything. Actually, some experts say most recyclers aren't recycling everything.

"Eighty percent of all the scrap electronics in the United States end up offshore and usually in Third World countries," said Bob Glavin of Chicago, who runs one of the biggest recycling plants in the country.

"I honestly believe there's a secret brotherhood that ships this stuff over there late at night when no one's watching, because none of our competitors do it, but it's all over there," he said.

Waste Dumped Abroad Is Rarely Recyclable or Reusable

Glavin and his son used to export some of their scrap to China, until they went there and saw for themselves what happened to it.

"There was no environmental regulations. There's no safety regulations. There's no data security, because it's not being recycled over there. It's being dumped over there," he said.

"We don't send our trash to China. Why should we send the electronic trash to China?" his son, Jim added.

Jim Puckett, coordinator of a group called Basel Action Network, which monitors exports of hazardous waste, also saw what was happening in China firsthand. Three years ago he documented it in a video called "Exporting Harm."

"What we witnessed was these former farmers cooking circuit boards over little wok-type operations over little coal fires and melting the chips so they could pull them off. These chips would then go to acid strippers using very dangerous acids, dumping all the waste from the process into the river, and that acid process was to extract the tiny bit of gold that was in those chips. It was quite a cyber-age nightmare," he said.

Much of this stuff came from the United States, yet U.S. authorities did nothing. Frustrated, Puckett's group released a second report this past year, this time from Nigeria, where they found the same thing.

"Everywhere there's space -- empty lots, swampy areas -- they'll throw the cathode-ray tubes, the computer carcasses, the plastic housings and routinely set them ablaze," Puckett said.

Puckett says his group saw dusty warehouses piled high with computers and components exported from the United States and Europe, supposedly bought for Nigerians to fix and use.

According to Puckett, however, "About 75 percent of what they were receiving was not repairable, not usable and was simply dumped and burned in the landfills of Africa."

That's what's happening to many of the old computers we get rid of. They're sent overseas. We're simply exporting a huge environmental problem.

"The recyclers that are shipping over there certainly know what's going on, and it's good business," said Lauren Roman, an electronics recycler and an expert on the hazardous chemicals found in household electronics.

Still, some recycling brokers "20/20" talked to insisted that sending the machines abroad helped get computers into the hands of societies that need them.

Roman disagrees with that. She said lots of companies should call themselves waste exporters instead of recyclers. And she showed "20/20" just how easy it is to pass yourself off as a responsible recycler.

You can simply print out a certificate declaring yourself an Environmental Protection Agency-certified recycler.

It's that simple, according to Roman, "because there's no such thing, but you can claim it because most of the recyclers out there are."

Personal Data Often Remains on Discarded Computers

And there's one more thing you should worry about when you throw out your old computer. Call it dirty little secret No. 3. And this one affects you very personally.

Everything that's been on your computer's hard drive -- unless you know how to wipe it clean -- is still there. And it will be there if you donate it to charity, or give it to a friend, or throw it out or recycle it.

When Puckett's group was in Nigeria, they bought hard drives that they discovered had a wealth of private information on them.

"One of these hard drives had documents from the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family services, another from the World Bank. So even if you are not concerned about the environment, you should be concerned about your very, very private data," he said.

But there are some solutions to the mounting e-waste problem. Let's start with hard drives. One good way to trash your hard drive is literally to trash your hard drive. Smash it by taking a hammer to it.

There are also less barbaric ways, especially if you want someone else to be able to use it. There are programs you can buy or download that will truly get rid of everything.

The growing recycling problem is a bit more complicated. Roman and other advocates say we should do with computers and television monitors and fax machines what we do with soda pop bottles or cans: Pay a fee up front that is returnable to you when you get rid of your electronics properly.

Roman says Europe is far ahead of the United States in this regard. Indeed, in Europe it is the manufacturers who are responsible for taking back and properly recycling old computers.

Here's the bottom line: Now that you know you can't -- or at least you shouldn't -- ignore this problem, don't throw out your computers. Look into participating in -- or starting a community-based electronics recycling drive.



True strength and power lies in the spirit of the people of the world. It does not lie in the governments and politicians, nor does it lie in the Gross Domestic Product numbers, the world bank, the stock markets, the most advanced technologies, the federal reserve, the printing of money, the oil reserves, the uranium deposits, etc..

The spirit of the people and the natural forces of the universe are the true foundations. When these two work in harmony as part of one another, we have a world of love, wisdom, clarity, peace, compassion, and responsible choice.

When the spirit and the consciousness of the people become suppressed and lost in the chaos of materialism, greed and destruction, we become resigned to helplessness and hopelessness. When we wake up to our inner selves and realize our intrinsic self worth we respect ourselves and each other.

We then bond together in freedom and respect our differences rather than to try to force our ways on others. When we let go of over consumption we realize there is enough for everyone. When we let go of our fears, insecurities and feelings of being powerless, we can then feel strength, love, and inner peace. This leads us to a more spiritual path which has a unifying effect.

Our grass roots spiritual unity and power will be an effective voice that the governments and politicians will follow because we will become the awakened, conscious majority. We, the people of the world, the grass roots, will restore integrity to the chaotic destruction that must stop before it is too late.

Awaken yourself and those in your personal world to the need to restore your personal integrity and power so that you may live the life you want rather than the life forced upon you.




Weapons of mass destruction were not found in Iraq because they are somewhere else. They are hidden in many places such as the lifestyles of those in the obesity pandemic that threatens health systems around the globe according to ABC News, September 4, 2006.

These weapons of mass destruction are also found in many corporations such as Monsanto, ADM, Philip Morris, Colgate, Gerbers, Dow Chemical, Proctor and Gamble etc.; the drug companies such as Eli Lily, Pfizer, Merck, etc.. They are also found in many governments around the world that create wars and new weapons such as the super bomb that holds about 40 other bombs, as well as the media such as Fox News that is controlled by special interests that attempt to brainwash the world. The use of the media is so powerful, so extensive, so all inclusive, that even those journalists who want to report the truth are stifled in their efforts. The lies, distortion and corruption is beyond the comprehension of most intelligent informed people.

More weapons are found in those members of the American Medical Association who do not seek the real causes of diseases and promote drugs, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy to treat the symptoms. They are also found in the medical schools that promote thinking of a limited and restricted approach rather than utilizing all forms and knowledge of healing.

We cannot leave out the weapons of McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy's, etc. that contribute to the foundations of many diseases. Did you know that Harvard Department of Nutrition received funding from McDonalds, Coca Cola, Kellogg Co., Oscar Meyers Co., Hershey Foods and the Sugar Association, etc..

These are some of the sources of the weapons of mass destruction, as well as those things that contribute to global warming such as large cars and homes that use a lot of energy. Over consumption and the large corporations that contribute to the pollution of the air, water and soil are also responsible.

There are many more weapons of mass destruction to be recognized, however, the purpose here is a wake up call rather than a complete list. However, I must list a few more, namely, the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute which are financially and politically controlled and recommend a diet which can help you get cancer. You may want to read THE POLITICS OF CANCER REVISITED by Samuel Epstein, M.D. Also don't forget about the buried atomic wastes in the United States and other places.

These weapons of mass destruction can be abolished right here in the United States when each one of us realizes we can do something. We are each like a seed that can grow into plants and trees that make more seeds that can continue to spread over the universe and eradicate the real weapons of mass destruction mentioned here as well as the weapons of mass destruction that do exist in Iraq such as Haliburton and the soldiers. Yes seeds take time to grow, however, a quicker solution may develop.

Using our minds to educate ourselves, increase our consciousness and make responsible choices are the means to our survival and the survival of the planet. Start nourishing the seed and pass this on to everyone. You are the seed, you are the key, you are the vehicle to your own survival, so don't let yourself down. Start NOW!

Creating a Better Life: From Seed to Fruition

Life is constant challenge and change. Some of us can grow and flow with the river of change, while others sink into resistance and self-centered discontent.
I myself faced the challenges of ten years of polio, growing up on welfare in the East Bronx in New York City. I was street-smart at age four, had my first business at age eight, and was supporting my family at age fifteen. With the courage to change, embracing the higher consciousness of love and spirituality, and the raw food diet, I am today an organic farmer in Costa Rica.

I attended the City College of New York at 16, where I obtained an B.A., an M.S., and became a premed student. I then attended the University of Bologna Medical School in Italy, but had to quit due to insufficient funds. I received my Ph.D. in Clinica l Psychology in Los Angeles and my certificate in Psychoanalysis in New York City. I trained as a Mental Health Consultant at the Postgraduate Center For Psychotherapy in New York City and then trained as a Family Therapist. I became the Director of The Theodor Reik Consultation Center in New York City, then Clinical Director of the Transactional Analysis Training Institute in Beverly Hills, maintaining a private practice there and in New York City.

I have visited 23 countries, owned real estate in five countries and have owned many businesses. I authored Integrative Therapy: Foundations of Holistic and Self Healing, published in 1978, and Do You Have The Courage To Change?, published in 2004.

My Health Revolution

I read about the Hunzacuts' way of life in 1962 and became interested in nutrition, changing slowly from pizza, steak, cottage cheese, salami, Cheerios, French fries, chicken, eggs, etc., to fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. I did this gradually over a number of years and went through the usual "healing crisis" when I became 100 percent raw.

I have inexhaustible energy on this diet and can keep going twelve to fourteen hours a day. I exercise six days a week, and my outlook is always positive. I am happy with my healthy, simple lifestyle. Sometimes I have five bananas in the morning, a coconut for lunch, and a large salad with avocado for dinner. With discipline you can change your lifestyle, prevent disease, gain more energy and strength, and look and feel good. You just have to make the decision and maintain your commitment to responsible choices.

Living From the Heart
My life has been devoted to helping myself and others. I practice what I preach, smile many times a day, and frequently affirm "I am peaceful" in my three-second meditations. In another, longer meditation period, I affirm: "I am healthy, strong, joyous, free, independent, protected, peaceful, loving, humble, forgiving, compassionate, trusting, truthful, part of nature," and then: "Yes, I am." These affirmative meditations condition the cells and enhance life. Try them!
I enjoy helping people who want to be informed and take responsibility for their lives, and am challenged by those who don't. The "doctor" cannot take over your responsibility for yourself. Many corporations are motivated by financial interests to invent diseases such as "restless legs syndrome" to sell new drugs. The weakening of organic farm standards and the financial contributions of McDonald's to the Harvard Medical School Nutrition Letter are two examples of this corporate corruption. There are many more corporations such as Proctor and Gamble, Philip Morris, Monsanto, Coca Cola, Archer Daniels Midland, etc., that contribute to disease such as childhood cancer and diabetes. However, "green businesses" are growing and you can find organic food in many stores.

Catalyzing Global Change
The evolution of global consciousness is growing, as shown by the formation of groups strongly committed to positive change. Those upholding truth, love and sanity are facing insane, corrupt, greedy killers lacking personal integrity, intent on destroying people and the planet for short-term selfish gains. These illusions of control and power cannot succeed, since they are self-destructive, shortsighted, and on the side of fear rather than love.
They are actually our teachers, providing the contrast needed to mobilize us into action and come out of our passive, helpless, hopeless state. We are waking up and finally taking action.

So what can you do? Take care of yourself and your family by making responsible choices and evaluating the consequences of your choices. Open your mind, your heart and your eyes to how you are living and start working for your health and peace. Take steps everyday, however small they may be. Do It!
We can help ourselves and each other by becoming part of this evolution which is leading to spiritual growth, love, peace and fellowship. We are all part of nature and not separate from the natural world. We are part of each other and must not be separated by religions, borders and different beliefs. When we recognize this and practice being peaceful and loving every day, remembering and communicating in the international language of a smile, we are doing our part to move in the direction that is crucial to our continuance as a species.

Seeds of Inspiration
I hope this makes you think about change, which can only come when you start to make changes in your life. You have the power so use it the best way you can. Accept your personal challenges with enthusiasm and love. Have the courage to change how you think, believe, feel and act. Start today, for you and your children are the seeds of the future.

Speak with a tongue of the feeling heart and spirit and not with a tongue of words.
Radiate energy from your heart, not from the logic of the limited mind trained by the slavemasters who teach conformity and obedience.

Close your mind and eyes and let your inner rivers of energy and spirit carry you without fear of the unknown. Float on the river with patience and love, don't swim. Feed on the formless universal energy. Don't try to understand what hasn't been labeled yet. Trust the unknown and let it carry you with its ebb and flow to the edge of your consciousness so you can go beyond your former limits.

Do not be intimidated by worldly affairs for they are in their own evolution leading to natural consequences. The laws of nature prevail over human illusions.

Enter the realm of heart-light-feeling-spirit by not trying to enter it for only then can it come. The feeling heart of love and compassion are inseparable. Energy and spirit moves everything and will bring you peace and healing.

Control Your Emotions

A fundamental problem between couples is that there is a lack of emotional control. Without emotional control, effective communication can't take place. Without this communication problems are almost impossible to solve. Unsolved problems lead to the breakdown of the relationship which may lead to ending the relationship or to violence at times.There is a difference between feeling emotions and expressing them in an appropriate way and feeling them and letting them take over and feeling them without appropriate control. A frequent emotion is anger. Anger may be felt and expressed by saying. "I feel angry when you spend more money than we can afford."

Shouting at your mate in anger and saying. "You spend too damn much money!" may provoke a response that is not going to solve the situation. The situation may escalate more and more. The couple then develops secondary problems such as withdrawal or coldness toward each other. That is how a wall develops between them and their sexual relations may disappear.

Another aspect of emotional control is that a person may be very reactive. That is having a quick, almost automatic response, rather than having options. These semi-automatic or automatic responses have been developed earlier in life and have been repeated many times. With each repetition the response becomes reinforced and becomes stronger and harder to change. Very often the person is not aware of how automatic these reactions are and when pointed out to them, the person may become defensive.

You may ask yourself who is in charge of you and your emotions. Are you satisfied with your emotional reactions? Do your reactions interfere with the kind of relationship you want? If you want better relationships you must take the responsibility of self-observation. Self-evaluation and then a decision to change. Then you have to learn how to change and have the motivation. Persistence and courage to discipline yourself with appropriate thoughts and actions.

Emotions can create physical changes in your body. Anger can damage your liver over time. Anxiety and fear can reduce your T-cell count. It is well-known that stress can damage your immune system. Emotions such as depression and worry as well as negative thoughts can effect your health. Positive emotions such as feelings of love, joy, enthusiasm, etc. can have a beneficial effect on your health and well-being. Therefore it is well worth learning how to have better control over your reactions.

The first step is observation which comes by increasing your self-awareness. To do this you need to pretend to observe yourself from a distance and look at yourself. When you do this you will begin to get a picture of who you are. You may find certain patterns repeat themselves. You can begin to understand what makes you react with anger.

The second step is self-evaluation. With better understanding of yourself you can decide which reactions you want to change and which you want to keep. When you let go of a certain reaction you may want to put a better one in its place. For example, you can put understanding more about the other person instead of reacting with anger. When you substitute understanding for anger many times. You can develop a new reaction. This new reaction will not only benefit you personally. but will help the other person and the relationship.

This kind of small personal change can be the beginning of the development of a new skill which will enable you to have confidence in yourself and the process of changing. You may experience slip-backs. However, as long as you keep practicing you will keep growing. You can start with a simple thing in your life such as saying "good morning" to your mate instead of that early-morning look or frown.

Remember your health is a stake and you are the one in charge. If you consciously think you are in charge. You will consciously place yourself in charge. If you take this initiative rather than react “automatically” you will be exercising your responsibility to yourself. You will be on the path to continually growth and new adventure in your life.

So remember. Learn how to control your negative emotions and enjoy your positive ones!


We, the people of the United States of America, the sleeping giant that is now awake and  has a Spirit that is indomitable, stand tall and proud. Our Great Spirit can never be put behind bars or barbed wire because it is untouchable by physical force! It cannot ever be captured as it is everywhere. It cannot be seen by its enemies because it is invisible and it is a vibration and thought form that cannot be conquered or even captured. It has and will prevail as it always has when it is awakened. Now it is not only awake but has gained in its strength during its resting period.

This is the message it takes to those who attempt to destroy it. Those potential threats to this Great American Spirit have served not only to awaken it but have given it great strength, a strength which it never had before. This new strength is the force, this new consciousness; this new awareness has mobilized inner powers that it never knew were available. These powerful forces will not only serve to defeat its enemies but help serve as an example to reshape the world.
Destructive forces end up destroying themselves for they can never destroy their invisible target. Their energies are wasted resources that could have constructive use for their own betterment.

They will realize these destructive forces will destroy their own children by their very own thinking. With this in mind we not only have real hope and change but we have a new reality for the planet. We must remember that we cannot eat money, gold or oil. We eat food and drink water, food that is safe and water that is clean, as we change our priorities we change our consciousness. The planet has enough resources till eternity if we manage them correctly. We do not need more and more, we need to learn how to better use what we have. Our capacity for understanding, love and compassion is part of this Great Spirit which is now serving to guide us to where we need to go and we are on the way there as you read this. You are part of this changing direction that has a momentum that cannot be stopped by physical force.

We, the People are this Great American Spirit!


Wake up time! Wake up before it is too late! Is bigger and newer always better at any cost? It's a yes for most people who always need the new toys of the corporations who love your money. Not only is it bigger and better, it may be smaller and different. Stop and think and apply this to your daily life. Does your Lexus have the new push button starter so you don't have to turn the key ? How about your TV screen size and you new green, yellow and blue shoes with the new fly cushions for your kids?

When is enough, enough? Why can't you use things till they wear out? Ladies with 60 pairs of shoes who need a new closet who can't be seen in the same outfit during the same month and men who need the 170 mph cars that travels in water and flies short distances (it will be out soon) may not be thinking of what this does to the planet's resources. Sometimes, I wonder whether some people have an inner emptiness and lack love in their lives and are looking for substitutes, diversions, personal attention for their image or whatever.

I take time out every day to say thanks every morning and evening. I found out when I lived in a village in the interior of Suva, a Fijian island, that i need to breathe, eat and drink, and sleep to stay alive. Please think a bit before you next purchase and what desires and marketing forces are driving you to part with your sweat money.

The Road to Freedom: Eliminating Stress, Fear and Negative Emotions

There are many roads to freedom. To be free is not to be limited by yourself and the environment. To be true to yourself and to who and what you really are and to discover your inner most being are all parts of being free. Some of us attain different degrees of freedom because we all become partially limited by our life history. There are many limiting factors which interfere for each of us. Here we will discuss how stress, fear and negative emotions limit our freedom.
We cannot eliminate what we are not aware of. Most of us are aware of our stress and many of our negative emotions. We tend to deny our fears and often they are unconscious. So to eliminate fear it must be made conscious.

There are various kinds of stress. Here we will discuss psychological stress rather physical or chemical stress. The relationship between stress and disease has been well documented. We often create our own stress due to our reactions to ourselves and the external world. If we create we can eliminate it by ourselves or with help. Many studies have shown the links between stress and cancer. We develop automatic reactions to certain stimuli such as job situation, personal relationships, etc. We lose our calmness and our options of how we can react. We react rather than respond from a choice of options. When the trigger is pulled we go off. These automatic reactions tend to become stronger with each repetition. Yes we are then completely on automatic. We are conditioned down to the cellular level. Our cells and the neuro-chemical pathways can maintain memories which do not leave and so we go on living like a dog who hears the bell and then salivates for food that is expected to come. So the first step toward eliminating stress is awareness. Then comes the understanding of the history of each particular trigger mechanism as well as the role of current stresses in a job or relationship situation. Eventually cleaning and removing cellular memories needs to be done.

One topic that is often neglected is the relationship between stress, muscle contractions and how these contractions affect the meridians which in turn affects the internal organs. This topic is worthy of an entire detailed study.

Another factor that causes stress is fear. Fear is what I call a ”bottom line” emotion. Fear usually develops when we perceive a threat and then feel powerless. Many fears begin in childhood. Many of these fears become suppressed or repressed. Repressed fears means they are out of our consciousness. Suppressed fears are pushed away and still in our consciousness. An average person may say that they have no fears simply because they are not aware of them. I have found in my work as a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist that many things boil down to fear. When the fear becomes conscious it can be experienced and dealt with on a rational adult level. So the elimination of fear is possible when it is discovered, however, many people do not want to experience the buried fear because of the pain involved and the defense mechanism of repression keeps it buried. The use of another defense is denial. In denial there may be some consciousness of the fear but it is then denied as a way of protecting against the painful emotion experience. Honesty with yourselves is a tool to work on the elimination of more conscious fears where as repressed fear usually requires professional help.

Many conscious fears can be dealt with in a rational adult manner if there is air, food and water, sleep and protection from weather available. These basics survival necessities will sustain life unless you are faced with bullets, bombs, earthquakes, etc. In my work I often get to a person’s fears rather quickly as it is an important basic issue. Fear interferes with the capacity to love and some people who express love verbally really don’t feel it or the joy of the openness and the expansion of their heart chakra.

Negative emotions and ideas such as fear, anger, worry, doubt, depression, guilt, anxiety, panic, etc. are also contributors to stress and cancer which is usually caused by a combination of variables. Emotional reactions become habits which get constantly reinforced. The emotions get trapped inside of us. Our very own beliefs and ideas may cause us to react to ourselves and stimulate negative emotions. Stimuli from the environment also cause negative emotional reactions. We have learned from the studies of the biology of the cell walls we can give ourselves negative messages which affect our emotions which in turn can affect our inner organs. We can also give ourselves positive messages which will enhance our lives.

One of the major joys of life is the capacity to love and have compassion for others. This is possible more and more with the capacity to eliminate stress, fear, and negative emotions. Knowing this, it is really possible to live and love. We need to nourish our hope so the body and mind can heal itself when given what you need to do so.

The most important tool to give yourselves what you need is learning discipline. Only then can you apply what you know and want to do. Discipline can be learned in easy successful steps. It is as easy as learning my simple mantra of saying “I am peaceful.” The road to freedom is available to all of us. Just take the first step and you are on your way to love and a better life.

Dr. Walter J. Urban

is a Research Psychoanalyst, Medical Board of California, Registration No.7. Private practice, author of Do You Have the Courage to Change and Integrative Therapy: Foundation For Holistic and Self Healing. Formerly on the Board of Directors of four professional organizations. Dr. Urban has been a Business Consultant for over 30 years. He combines his psychological knowledge with business and investing experience and offers a unique approach to achieving personal growth and financial success.



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